Participating In Seattle Sports With Limited Funds

By MAlvarado | December 3, 2014

What kind of sports person are you?  Are you the participating kind or your basic armchair quarterback? Additionally, are you the new school sports fan or the old school sports fan?


What Is an Old School Sports Person?


Old-school sports are very simply the sports that have been around for centuries.  Baseball, football, tennis, golf, basketball, hockey, soccer… Those and many others have been argued about in more bars, discussed over more backyard barbecues, won and lost various individuals more hard earned cash, and have been the cause for numerous visits to the ER, in the name of weekend warriors.  They have been the main catalyst for man caves, home entertainment centers, big-screen TVs, season tickets, scalpers and any number of extracurricular activities, which center around the sport itself.  They have encouraged centuries of America’s youth and will undoubtedly continue to do so.  A great way for that to continue is to create sports clubs for kids.  Don’t worry if you don’t have the money to start something like this,  if your credit stinks.  A nobler cause there never was.  Take a moment to open your laptop and logon to any site for quick and easy loans, such as You’ve got nothing to lose, because it costs nothing to apply.


What in the Name of Science Are New Age Sports?


In the name of science and technology – we have many New Age sports that have developed thanks to both.  Laser tag is probably one of the biggest selling wargames that can be participated in, by sports enthusiasts and business people alike.  If you want to get a little bit rougher you can always go out for paintball.  This is an amazing sport that does require protective equipment, but can be an absolute blast… Pun fully intended.  And of course, there is no sports game like the one you can play from your living room couch!  Gamers all over the world can participate in sports, literally playing against each other, with their computers and video games.


So, whether you’re chomping at the bit for the Seahawks to begin the next football season, waiting for the Seattle Mariners Spring training,  getting down and dirty with the Rat City Roller Girls, cheering the ladies of the Seattle Storm down the court, or screaming ‘Goooooooooooooooal’ at a Seattle Sounders soccer game… remember that it isn’t how you play the game dammit, it’s whether you win or lose!   And, though you and I know this to be true, just don’t teach that to the kids at sports camp.

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Great PR Can Help Your Seattle Sports Business Thrive

By MAlvarado | July 18, 2013

Any business, whether new or old, can become successful or ultimately could be destroyed by the public’s perception of the company.  The fact is that before a consumer will even consider a business, they have to be attracted to that business and if you have a public relations, or “PR”,  problem, you have a business problem.  It doesn’t matter which field you are in, great PR is essential to getting your business off the ground.  If you have a sports business in Seattle that needs a bit of help, you may want to work on your PR.


The Public’s Perception


The public can turn on a company in a blink of an eye.  Take a look at the fallout that a national celebrity and television host recently suffered due to a word she used years ago.  That figure (no reason to name her – you know who I am talking about) was loved by the country and had so many endorsements and sponsorship deals that, really, she never had to work again in her life.  However, once it was revealed that she had used a racist term, even though it was years ago, the public turned on her quicker than a rabid dog.  Vice versa, if you have a bad reputation, the right PR can take that reputation in the other direction.


Great PR


If you want to improve your image, hiring one of the best PR firms available to you can definitely help.  These professionals know the ins and outs of public relations and can the best firms can give the public the perception that not only is your company the best sports business in Seattle, but that they can’t live without visiting your business.


Once you get the customers through the door, however, the rest is up to you.  In order to keep customers coming, you need to have a great business with wonderful customer service.  As we saw with that recent celebrity fallout, it only takes one black mark to soil the entire business.


Every business needs new customers coming through the door on a regular basis.  Great relations with the public can make that happen.  You may need a bit of help with a PR firm to get the ball rolling but once it is rolling, only you can stop it.  Your sports business in Seattle is a great one.  It’s time to let the public know.

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Seattle Storm Vs. Connecticut Sun

By MAlvarado | August 23, 2012

There are defiantly benefits from choosing the Mohegan Sun Arena CT as the place to spend the weekend. The atmosphere here can help shield patrons from the inclement weather outside. When you are partying at the Mohegan Sun it’s easy to forget it’s not summer outside. This is particular evident during weather like flash food, dreary clouds or even in a snow storm. The luxury casino-hotel features indoor pools and a variety of fun activities that make it the perfect escape when the weather is limiting the available options in Tri-State area with a potential repeat of a Nor’easter.


Another Kind of Storm

There’s another battle of the forces of weather going on at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The WNBA Connecticut Sun calls the arena home and plays there in the season. Recently a storm rolled in and created a big rumble inside the arena. The storm was in fact the Seattle Storm, the women’s WNBA team. In a thrilling overtime win the Storm defeated the Sun for the first time since 2003!


Making the Most of It

The Mohegan Sun has hot tubs and temperature controlled pols that can be ideal when the ugly fall season in the north begins to approach. This is one of the only places in the Tri-State area to enjoy parties that have a summer feel during the fall and winter months. Between the live music events, go-go dancers at the indoor pool parties and multitude of bars and social clubs that make for an entertaining night life; it always feels like summer inside the luxury hotel-casino.


Mohegan Has it All

The staff works hard to keep the grounds illuminated and maintained at ideal temperatures throughout the seasons, including the winter months. One of the worst parts about living in the north or other regions with bad weather is the lack of options to enjoy yourself during the day and night, the Mohegan Sun takes care of all of this for each of the patrons inside.


No matter what your interests are, there are an abundance of activities that can keep everyone in the party entertained. In addition to being a first-class sports and concert arena here are black jack tables, a country club and golf course, high-end retail locations as well as a unique candy location called Dylan’s Candy Bar.

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Social Media Makes Baseball a Social Game Again

By MAlvarado | June 17, 2012

I knew that if I lived long enough my hermit like existence would somehow be vindicated. These days, with Twitter, FaceBook, Yahoo, Gmail, YouTube and other social networking sites and opportunities; you can be a social butterfly without ever leaving the confines of your humble abode. Now that’s my kind of socialization!

You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere

You don’t have to pop in at your neighbor’s house to have a rousing conversation about last night’s baseball game. Or last night’s football game; or last night’s performance of the United States team at the Olympics; or anything else. You don’t even have to leave the house to find out what’s on sale; what the latest news is; what the stock market did; in fact anything about anything is so available that it’s nearly inescapable… all thanks to today’s Social Media. Marketing with social media is all the rage these days because of just that. All you have to do to get a free appetizer at your favorite restaurant is logon to your Facebook page and, thanks to Social Media Marketing, “like” it. That’s right, just by hitting the ‘like’ button you open yourself up to a plethora of free offers and discounts. What could be better…? What could be easier?

Everybody’s Getting Into The Game… Literally

Apparently, not only do you not need to leave your house to be socially interactive; you don’t need to leave the bar; you don’t even need to leave the game in order to be socially interactive… Even if you’re a player! The major league baseball website recently reported that players are tweeting during a game! Not after the game (though I’m sure they did), not before the game (though once again, they probably did); but during the game in which they are supposed to have them brain cells 110% wrapped up. What the hell?! If those were my guys, they’d be leaving the phones in the locker room; mandatory. It’s like driving but not quite as bad. How can you seriously have your head 100% in the game if it’s somewhere else via your smart phone? Now the MLB maintains that this is a first… As far as they know. Twitter has been around a long time and I’m not sure that they’ve been paying attention that closely. And as upset as I would’ve thought the MLB would be about this whole thing, turns out—they’re encouraging it!

Just think–You could be the lucky person that might get tweeted from this year’s All-Star game.






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Do You Have Season Tickets in Seattle?

By MAlvarado | June 6, 2012

Did you ever consider watching your favorite team as an investment? Some money management experts have offered up a number of money tips available on the Internet; one of which being that season tickets are actually a type of investment.

When You Can’t Make The Game

Holding Seattle season tickets doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be at every game. And if you’re not going to be at the game there’s no reason you can’t make a little bit of money off of those tickets. Now it would be scalping and illegal for me to tell you to get as much as you could for those tickets; which is why I would never, ever tell you to do that. What you do with those tickets is your business. Hey you can be Santa Claus and give them away for free if you want; the words ‘Santa Claus’ obviously substituting for another term which would signify a person of a lesser level of intelligence. Then again you could actually be the Seattle Santa Claus with those tickets and save yourself having to purchase a Christmas present for someone.

The Benefits Of Membership

Being season ticket holders doesn’t necessarily mean that all you get are season tickets. There are sometimes benefits to be had by being a season ticket holder: i.e. discounts on team merchandise; meet the players or photo day; or possibly additional offers including, but not limited to club dining, deluxe suites, parking privileges, and advanced purchase of tickets for the playoffs. The big decision, of course, is how many tickets to buy. Buying two seats means that you’re probably going to be sitting alone; just the two of you, even if you invite some friends. Buying four seats means that you may not always have friends next to you, but someone you don’t even know, if you sold those tickets to a stranger or donated them for a worthy cause.

Just for the record, if you can’t make a game you could always be a hero in the eyes of your chosen charity or some other function by donating the tickets for that game as a giveaway or raffle item.

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Seattle’s Swim Teams

By MAlvarado | April 18, 2012

Are you looking for a sport to join in the Seattle area?  It can be difficult to find a sport since the weather is not always favorable.  For this reason, many people turn to swimming.  This activity can be done indoors or outdoors.  It is a great option to get in shape and ignite your competitive edge.  Here are the top swim teams in the area.


Cascade Swim Club


One fan favorite for a Seattle based swim club is Cascade Swim.  This is a USA swim team program for all swimmers who qualify.  Young swimmers can also participate.  Competitions are available for ages five and up.  In addition, there are several options for your swimming needs.  Practices are held at various times and locations to meet the needs of families.  Also, coaches work to develop the physical and emotional needs of the swimmers.  Consider signing your child up today.  Get your boys new speedos and invest in new one piece bathing suits for your girls.


Orca Swim Team


If Cascade is too serious for your tastes, consider joining Orca Swim Team. This team is a fun community group for gay and lesbian individuals.  However, all swimmers are welcome.  It is a great way to show your pride and have fun swimming.  In addition, competitive races are available for adults who are interested.


Sign up for one of these clubs today and begin enjoying the benefits that come from swimming.  It’s a great way to get in shape, make friends, and have fun.

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Looking Forward To The Mariners 2012 Season?

By MAlvarado | April 1, 2012

The Seattle Mariners are a great baseball team. Not only are they a great baseball team, but they are very exciting to watch as well. If you get an opportunity to watch the Mariners play, you should definitely check into it.

Getting Tickets To See The Seattle Mariners

If you go to the Seattle Mariners website you should be able to find tickets. However, if you are thinking of using a different website to purchase the tickets through the need to be sure the site is reputable. You do not want to purchase Seattle Mariners tickets that are duplicates or fakes.   Another thing to check into is making sure you get the seats you want. In order to make sure you get proper seating it is a good idea you look at the seating chart for the Mariners baseball Coliseum.

Planning A Day Of Baseball

Going to a baseball game can take all day long if you factor in the commute it takes to get to the game, and then the length of the game itself.  It is a very safe estimate to say the game is going to take all day long.  If you are struggling to purchase your tickets in need money quickly, fast payday loans are always an option for you. If you have a job and a banking account that is generally all you need in order to get money deposited into your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.  Make sure you read the terms and conditions, and agreed to the payment amount. You want to be sure you’re never late paying a loan company back.

The day of the game in Seattle is going to be wonderful. Seattle weather can be rainy, so make sure you are prepared for any rain if it decides to start pouring. Also be sure you take the time to check out the sports memorabilia store in the Coliseum.  You might find something you like or you might consider buying a few T-shirts for family members as a gift. Hopefully the Seattle Mariners win their game.

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Dress Warmly for the Big Game

By MAlvarado | February 29, 2012

If you’re wondering what to wear to the football game because it’s just chilly enough for a little extra something to be worn over your shirt, go ahead and reach into your dresser drawer and pull out that sweater.

What Kind Of Sweater To Wear To The Game?

That’s an easy question. Woolovers Knitwear has sensible clothing choices for Seattle sports games since 1989 and recently supplied Ardingly Football Club sponsorship. You can’t enjoy the game unless you’re properly attired and adequately warm. The players out on the field should have no problem staying warm, they’re on the move. But jumping up and down on the sidelines, rubbing your hands together or on your upper arms isn’t the way to enjoy a game.

Good News For Online Buyers

Right now, by searching for Woolovers online you can earn 20% off, even 32% off, with promo codes found on their website. Who wouldn’t want to save on everything from gilets and slipovers to cardigans, cotton jerseys, cashmere jerseys and superior British lamb’s wool? You might want to hurry however because some of these promotional savings opportunities only last for short while.

You can be seen in that ratty old sweater that you’ve had for years or something truly stylish that you are actually able to save money on.

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2012’s Baseball Season is About to Start

By MAlvarado | February 12, 2012

As I gaze outside I can’t help but think about the changing seasons. No not summer to spring, football to baseball. Spring training is right around the corner which means that if you haven’t already you might want to get in line for your Orioles Tickets.

There’s Plenty of Exciting News For Orioles Fans

With a pitching staff that is revitalized and some powerful home run hitters the O’s could place well this year. Last year’s pitching was a disappointment, to say the least. The O’s acquisitioned two new pitchers and are hoping for the best from them. And this could be the year that Adam Jones goes from really good to great out in center field and at bat.

But How Will The Orioles Compare?

If you take a good, hard, long look at it, none of the AL East teams spent loads of money on new players since last year. If the Orioles’ new players help them too improve even marginally, the overall picture could improve as well. And if Brian Roberts can come back sometime this season, even if it’s not in time for spring training, that would be a beautiful thing indeed.

Everybody have their tickets? Don’t forget your glove. All righty then… Play ball!

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MVP Sports Merchandising—Getting a Piece of the Pie

By MAlvarado | February 5, 2012

Selling sports merchandise can be a very rewarding experience. Not only do you have this important memorabilia, but you get to meet new and exciting people.

How to market your business

You need to figure out a target audience, and figure out a way to attract their attention. You might offer a special discount for new customers, or if you have an online site offers some type of free shipping if you can afford that. The goal is to make customers want to buy from you.

Keeping my business profitable

A merchant express account can help with that because it will allow you to accept credit card payments. Most people when shopping online pay with a credit card, therefore it makes sense to make sure that you are able to accept credit card payments. Always be sure that you are keeping proper financial records of all of your transactions. This is key in making sure your business is a success and you are also monitoring your inventory.
The sports industry is a wonderful, fast-paced, exciting world full of cool people and places. Always be sure that you share all of your cool things with your friends and family.

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